Age Quod Agis; Feel the freedom to focus on your core business while we focus on ours – in benefit of your business.

Our strong international Network of Credit Management Specialist is founded and based on a personal relationship built over many years of experience and personal involvement. Our clients benefit greatly from this international experience and built up network, by having access to knowhow, practical tips and customs on a global scale.

Over 25 years of international credit management experienceSound and ample knowledge available to assist in all your credit management queries.

Daring to trust on our personal qualities and authenticity, these values are embedded in our systems; personal and professional. That’s why Dale International is your dedicated Global Working Capital Specialist.


our aim is to find the best possible answer to your every credit management query. By mean of our international expertise and insight, strong network and sheer determination; we will find a solution.


we believe being a reliable and professional business partner to you. Transparency and honesty are core values for building and maintaining a healthy relationship, both in professional- and in personal live.


we think and act fresh and always solution-directed, all options open. Relying in our broad international experience we dare to rely on our instincts and gut-feeling.


being a reliable and professional business partner also means that we are straightforward and share with you our honest advise. No need for embellishment.

Quality first,

as true professionals we put quality first. In everything we do. There is no other way in maintaining good relationships for over 25 years.


with us you hire passionate and dedicated experts, providing you a solution to every credit management query.

Set sail to Dale International

Why Dale International?

One stop shop for all your international credit management queries. Tangible, clear and fair conditions.
Dale International brings you a high level quality advice and service, without having to pay for the overhead large credit management service companies have. For an innovative solution and strategy; less is more. We put the emphasis on personal contact instead of shuffling data back and forth.

Dale International stands out from the rest with the dedication and passion they invest in your queries, your problems. Working with us means less compromises, a fair and independent advice, an open and to-the point opinion and a direct and short-lined contact, no matter whether you are a very small company, or a multinational; To us you’re the customer, not a number.

With us you don't hire a big-firm ‘name’ or junior consultants. With us you hire passionate international specialists, always willing to assist and find a solution to your query. Personal and dedicated.

Dale International: Straightforward effort with only your interests as focus.